How to Use Wireless Chargers?

Troubleshoot Your Wireless Charger: The wireless charger uses electromagnetic induction to charge your smartphone’s battery. The charging pad contains very flat series coils. The flat series coils generate an electromagnetic field that sends power to your phone.

The two main reasons as to why your phone will not charge when placed on the wireless charger. One is there may be no power flowing to the pad. Always check to make sure the connection between the pad and the socket is well established. Two is maybe your phone does not support wireless charging. This might be true for older models. Always check to ensure your smartphone can wireless charge.

What To Do When Charging Keeps On Pausing: It is very annoying when your phone stops charging every few seconds after placing it on the wireless charging stand. This happens when your phone is not making a clean connection with the charging pad.

You can simply solve this by picking up your phone and repositioning it. It is essential that the android is placed at the center of the pad. Wiping off the pad and the back of your phone helps to facilitate the charging process as it takes out any layer of dust that has accumulated.

What To Do When It Is Charging Slowly: This happens when your charging stand is not connected to a strong power source. An example of a weak power source is the pad connected using a USB port to a laptop or a desktop. Plug the charging pad into a wall socket. Something else to consider is to check whether your phone has a fast wireless charging setting. If present, make sure it is turned on.

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Does Your Phone Case Prevent Wireless Charging?

Ideally, a phone case should not disturb the charging process, but if you find your phone struggling to power up, take off the case. Bulky or metallic cases usually cause this problem.

The charging pad should be placed in a safe place. Somewhere with minimal traffic. This reduces the chances of it being knocked off, sending the phone flying which stops the charging process. Always check to see if your wireless charger is in good condition before and after every use. If you just purchased it and find it faulty it is crucial to speak to the manufacturer and get it replaced. has amazing gadgets which are very useful in our daily life. From wireless charging stand to dashboard magnetic cell phone holder. All are available. Visit their website to obtain gadgets that will make your life easier.